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Top Brand Footwear at Very Competitive Prices

It is striking that designers at the cutting edge often rely on previous seasons or rerto styles to start their design brief.
Current fashion statements suggest that the commando look is back. Further they take the view that padding up to ankle level is what the fashion will be.If that's the case then your jeans will need tapered to suit, in order to have a super cool look.

That old tennis star Rene Lacoste strode the courts with a spohisticated air of design & elegance that many today have forgotten or not even seen.

But his influence lives one, long after he departed the scene.
Did you know he won 7 grand slams while at the same time setting trends in the sport that are alive and well today and setting the fahsion scene alight with new looks.

You might have thought there was not much developing that top trainers can do  but you'd be wrong. They continue to evlove and take on more detail and complexity.
We just revieved word that the next big style involves 3d printing.

This is a complex process but has shown some stunning results. This where the compelxity of futuristic design is showing up.

Breaking from tradition we are also showing trends in animal slippers, an item closely associated with christmas but because the styles are so cute, we thought we'd mention a leading stockist of the sew heart felt range of animal slippers,and let you see for yourself.